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L298N V3 four DC stepper motor driver module driver integrated WIFI-powered car driver board

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L298N is a dedicated driver ICs, are H-bridge IC, the difference with the L293D is the output current increases, the power boost. The output current of 2A, the maximum current is 4A, the maximum operating voltage of 50V, can drive inductive loads, such as high-power DC motors, stepper motors, geared motors, servo motors, solenoid valves, etc., especially its input can be directly compared with the microcontroller Union, thus easily controlled by the microcontroller. When driving DC motors, stepper motors can be controlled directly, and can achieve motor forward and reverse, to achieve this functionality simply by changing the input logic levels.
This module has a small, convenient control features. With this module will give your motor control with ease, you can respond to the needs of high-power stepper motor problem.
The module can control two-phase, three-phase motors, four phase. Supports 2-way DC motor drive control, 4-phase stepper motor control.                                                                                

Shipping list:1PCS*L298N V3 four DC stepper motor driver module .