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86 Plastic Shell + DIY Multifunction Transistor Tester Kit For LCR ESR Transistor PWM Signal Generator M328

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1 : a key measurement operation , auto power off delay . Shutdown current is only 20nA, support battery operation.
2 : Automatic detection PNP and NPN type bipolar transistors , N, P -channel MOSFET, JFET FET , diodes , two diodes, thyristors , resistors , capacitors , inductors . Automatic detection pin definitions.
3 : Measurement of the bipolar transistor current amplification factor (B) and conduction voltage emitter junction (Uf). Darlington transistor may be identified by the amplification factor of the high threshold voltage and high current .
4 : can be detected inside the bipolar transistor and MOSFET protection diodes and displayed on the screen.
5 : the threshold voltage and the MOSFET gate capacitance measurement .
6: Support two measuring resistors , the potential can also be measured . If the potentiometer is adjusted to its end , the tester can not distinguish the two ends of the pin and the middle .
7 : Resistance measurement resolution is 0.1 ohm , the highest measurement value of 50M ohms.
8: capacitance measurement range from 25pf to 100mF (10UF). Resolution up to 1 pF. 
Package Include:
1 X New Transistor Tester Capacitor ESR Inductance Resistor LCR Meter NPN PNP MOSFET