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4 DC motor driver module / 4WD car / L293D module forArduino Smart Car Robot

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1. The driver chip: L293D dual H bridge dc motor driver chip
2. The driving part of the terminal power supply range Vs: + 5 v ~ + 16 v.Take electricity for the plate and the scope of supply Vs: + 6 v ~ + 16 v
3. The driving part of the peak current Io: 1a
4. The logical part working current range: 0 ~ 36ma
6. Control signal input voltage range (IN1 IN2 IN3 IN4IN5 IN6 IN7 IN8) :
Low level: 0.3 V Vin or less 1.5 V or less
High level: 2.3 V Vin Vss or less or less
7. Enabling signal input voltage range (EN1 EN2EN3 EN4) :Low level: 0.3 Vin 1.5 V or less or less (control signal is invalid)
High level: 2.3 V or less Vin Vss or less (control signal effectively)
8. The maximum power consumption: 20 w (T = 75 C temperature)
9. Storage temperature: 25 C ~ + 130 C
10. Drive plate size: 37 mm * 90 mm
12. Other extensions: control the direction of light, logical part within plate for electrical interfaces.                                                                                                                                                                  

Shipping list:1PCS*L293D Drive Module.